Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kale and Sweet Potatoes

A quick little post since it has been so long. I made this dish a while ago when two friends came over for dinner. It was Mr. Prison and Mrs. Prison who came over. This was the vegetable portion of the meal and the next post will be the main course. Very easy to make these dishes and a lot of good tastes.

For the Kale just cut out the stems if the leaves are big or just leave them in. Then put some oil in a pan with some garlic and salt and fry for a few minutes to loosen up the stalks. Add water and let the leaves braise in the covered pan. The leaves should become slightly greener when they are cooked. Nice easy and healthy. In the past I threw away the leftover water if there was any but you could save it for a broth or drink it for the nutrition.

Sweet potato recipe is from my man Bittman. He actually had this on a video post from the fall (article/video). Peel the sweet potatoes and then grate (use a food processor if you got it) them so they are in long threads. Add oil to a frying pan or a big pot (whatever will fit all the potatoes) and then fry for 5-10 minutes until they are softened. While this is going on, bust up some garlic so the flavors are released, and add garlic, 3 tablespoons of butter, and fresh sage to a sauce pan. Put the pan on medium and brown the butter (takes about 5 minutes - at some point the yellowish butter will turn brown and a great nutty flavor begins to spread throughout the kitchen). Pour the butter over the sweet potatoes and serve. A quick and easy way to prepare sweet potatoes that often take a long time to boil and soften.

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