Friday, April 3, 2009


This is another dish that I have been making a crazy amount of lately, and comes from the book of add the basics and the rest is for the flourish. It is simple, cheap, and has highly variable flavor depending on the flourish that you choose. Just today I made it on vacation with my parents and Ms. gorgeous.

The game plan for the basics is chickpeas, olive oil, and tahina. From there you can go wild... Sometimes I put in pepper flakes or lemon juice and definitely garlic.

Add all of these ingredients into a blender and blend until you get the consistency desired. I usually do not dump out the chickpea liquid because it has some flavor and you need some liquid to keep the humus moist. Also, I add some water to get the humus looking right. Our blender broke the other day so now we depend on the infomercial contraption to the right (the magic bullet). It works ok, but I am looking forward to getting a blender soon.

Once created I put the hummus into a bowl and add Paprika to the top which makes it looks more sophisticated (as shown above). The next step is eating it. I generally use pita, celery, or carrots to eat with my hummus. Sometimes Ms. gorgeous or myself create pita chips by cutting the pita into slices and pouring olive oil and herbs on top and then toasting. Recently I have been making some great sandwiches by stuffing a pita with hummus and lots of mixed vegetables. Very tasty!!!


  1. i tried it and it is indisputably delicious...however my role in the development of this hummus recipe is somewhat downplayed...:)

  2. Try blending it with ice-cubes. It makes the hummus extra smooth and creamy.