Monday, March 23, 2009

French Onion Soup

Finally we get to the final dish. I have been very busy with school so cooking and posting has been a challenge, but I will try and do better now that spring break is coming up. My posts will probably always come in spurts.

French Onion Soup..... I love French Onion Soup, but do not order it enough at restaurants. It is perfect for me because it is salty, cheesy, and messy. It is one of those dishes that I almost switch my order at the last second because it sounds so great.

For this dish I was able to use the last of the vegetable broth that I had made a couple of weeks before. The broth was reddish but once it was cooked with onions for a long time the color turned to what you see above. I don't remember the other ingredients that well but obviously a lot of onions and maybe some thyme or other spices. It was a basic recipe but took a little while for the broth and the flavors to come out of the onions.

The best part for me is the last step when you cover it with cheese and bread and then broil it until the top melts. This is great because it looks awesome and I can't wait to dig my spoon and get that long stretch of cheese from the bowl to my mouth.

The dish was good, just like the restaurant. A highlight of cooking for me is cooking dishes that I enjoy at restaurants and having them taste as good or better. I can check it off my list so that I do not need to order it any more because I know I can do it on my own at home.


  1. ha ha I HATE french onion soup... i always want to like it... maybe i would like yours. i like onions, i like melted cheese, i like bread. you would think that would be enough.

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  3. lucky for me, i've had the pleasure of tasting a variety of these dishes if not straight out of the kitchen, a couple of hours thereafter...I must say that the french onion soup was even tasty when consumed luke-warm--another win for the gorgeouses!