Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Beans with Pine Nuts

3rd best dish of the night were green beans with pine nuts. This is sort of a classic tasty food where anything or nothing can be added to change the flavors a bit. Ms. gorgeous loves to make it with lemon and almonds.

The recipe in the cookbook called for pine nuts and paprika. Usually I can't taste paprika (maybe I need to buy some nicer stuff) and tend to use it more for the great color. This time I added a ton of it and I could taste a subtle flavor and saltiness to it. It was a nice touch.

Nothing else that special was done to the greenbeans except that were slighly boiled before pan frying. The recipe called for it and I had previously done this because I think it imparts a better texture on the greenbeans. I also used a lot of oil, too much, and will cut back on it in the future.

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