Friday, March 13, 2009

Potatoes and Blueberry Sorbet

I will post about these first because I did not take any pictures of them. To start off I am not a big fan of potatoes (too much starch or something), but Ms. gorgeous said that these were especially good. The cookbook said that the temperature of the oven needed to be 425 and since everything else that we were cooking needed it to be 350, we saved these for last... sort of an after dinner treat. They took a long time to cook and after taking them out once we put them into the oven again for more time and forgot about them for a long time. A few got burnt and they were okay, but by that time I was full and not wanting anymore food. Ms. gorgeous took them to school.

The sorbet was excellent. Last fall I had a craving for making my own ice-cream so I went out and bought an ice cream maker. Recently we have been making a couple of sorbets. We use 2 cups water to one cup sugar, 1/2 what the recipe book says and it tastes great. For this sorbet we used frozen blueberries and some canned blueberries (Label on the Can - Caviar of Maine) and some lemon juice. It came out delicious.

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